Taste the Adventure

Go on a Sugar High Unity Quest with us and follow the flavor map for bursts of excitement that’ll take your taste buds on a unique adventure.

Our Story

the Start



With the state of the world and the economic downturn, we were forced, along with others to make tough decisions. We knew we had to adapt to survive.

JAN 2021


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Literally. As the country opened back up again, we wanted to bring a feeling of  happiness and togetherness again to our community.  We’re breaking bread together, again, in sugary style.

Feb-June 2021


Batch testing – full bore. We set out to make unique flavors that were exclusive to us. We knew we needed to set ourselves apart to be able to thrive. 


Popp’n Up

Currently, we’re vending at events around the Metro ATL area, spreading our sugar high like widlfire.

Additional Flavors: 

Hound Dogg, Lemon Supreme, Maple Baq’n, Qookie Dough-berman, QoQo D’Mint’d, Sasquatch, Baq’n Chedd’r, Butt’r, Chedd’r, Chiq’n Baq’n Ranch, Chiq’n Parm, Garlic Parm, Jalapeno, Spicy Chiq’n Wafl